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Rezolutie: necunsocuta
Upload de: BLOODHOUND2525
Data upload: 6 mai 2010 08:56
Descarcari: 2512

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mobile-downloader-0.82.jad (0.53 kb)

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07-12-2010 18:16 de Anonim

26-09-2015 07:04 de Open

Before I start with the class and money guide. You can withdraw all your acotuncs (delete them) when you go on their site ( or Log onto your account and edit your profile. Enter your information and there should be an option somewhere in the that window that is a option to withdraw your account.Now for your account/character. As far as I can comprehend from the info you have stated, you have played many characters with various classes/builds and cannot financially support your character. There are many fixes to that. First thing is Nexon Cash (NX) you can buy them from people on Craigslist (which is illegal unless it is a card and not an in-game gifting transaction). You can buy them from your local drugstore (Target, CVS, Blockbuster, etc.) With the NX, instead of buying clothes (which looking great in-game should be the lowest on your priority list at this point of the game). You should buy Gachapon tickets (1$USD = 1 Gachapon ticket). I am pretty sure that you know how they work but will explain it nonetheless in case you do not know. You buy a ticket and you exchange the ticket with a Gachapon machine and it will give you a random item in its merchandise list. I would suggest going to the Gachapon in Zipangu as they give the most valuable items, such as White scrolls and attack scrolls. Remember that you will not always get great items. Before I quit playing which was 3 and 1/2 years ago, I invested 150$ to gachapon and only got a 3.3bil in the end. Of course, it is a high amount but with the money I spent, increased my overall chance of getting a great item, so it is a significant amount of money. Despite that fact, it wasn't a great gachapon experience, it was fairly low.Your second option, This may get annoying and time consuming, but you can always sell your fame for 50k+ and support you for a day or two. Remember that you can only fame once per day. 50k+ per day will probably fund you, if you use your money properly. Remember you can use that earned money and merchant. Start with a low item, buy low sell high! You can buy an item 30k, sell for 40k. 10k profit, slow but its profit. Soon you will have more money and you can merchant illbies/steelies. I namely merchanted stars (illbies at that time since they were the most expensive).For your class/build. I would definitely say that you should not become a warrior as they take too many hp pots and will cost a lot. I would say being either a mage or a bowman. Bowmans are cheap, weapons are cheap and arrows are dropped easily (and can be bought at 1meso each). As for Mages, they have expensive potions to keep themselves attacking but you can always sit down and regain your MP. Remember that mages hit the highest from 1 30 (RAW, as in if 2 classes; sin and mage compared damage, and they both had avg equips, so they dont have attack wgs and godly items, mage will hit higher than the sin). You can use that to your advantage and farm monsters. Farming them will level you up and gain mesos. Remember to always pick up the dropped items/mesos/everything. Farming is when you kill a monster for a long period of time (same monster usually or map) and pick up the money as profit.Merchanting Guide:Never get scammed on overpriced items. Look at the average price of the item at! Look for cheap items in the FM and buy them if you can afford it and sell for a profit. Remember that it is just like investing in the real world. If you wait too long, it may lose its value and you will lose money as well. But as an example, if a star (steelies) started out as Google when they were new. Steelies/Google started out at 3 mil, Now 20mil. You will earn money. Remember that it is just a game and do not get mad if you do happen to have made an investment error. Learn from it and continue to merchant. Go to as well to look for cheap items to merchant. It is free and many people use it. Take advantage of the opportunity to make money.I hope I have helped you in some way. I would have liked to meet you in-game so that I could help you further but I really hate maplestory as it has gotten completely boring since I can afford mostly anything I want in there. I hope that you do get to be rich and high leveled.Thank you for taking your time to read this response to your question and best of luck!

08-10-2015 22:00 de Hung

Right on target, guys. Cool liltte runner would love to tool around in that for a while.In addition to the wheels not really included thing, why can't they just admit that the A/C doesn't work (somehow not 100% sure the A/C works and I think the belt is missing are pretty much giveaways that the car's A/C doesn't work).

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