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Philips 630

scor mediu 3.80 din 10 voturi

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Retea 2GGSM 900 / 1800
Anuntat2003, trimestrul 2
StatusNu se mai fabrica


Dimensiuni83 x 43 x 22 mm, 73 cc
Greutate78 g


TipSTN, 4096 culori
 - Second mono display 80 x 48 pixeli, 3 linii, 7 backlight culori
- Albastru keyboard backlight
- Analog clock
- LED in 256 culori
- Wallpapere


TipPolifonice (32 canale)
Numar18 + 10 custom


Agenda300 x 3 campuri, 5 co
Inregistrari apeluri10 efectuate, 10 receptionate, 10 apeluri nepreluate
Slot cardNu
 - 100 messages, can be password protected
- 10 mesaje predefinite
- 30 calendar inregistrari


GPRSClass 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps


MesagerieSMS, EMS
BrowserWAP 1.2.1
Jocuri3 - Smart Move, Reflexes, Lucky Star
Culori3 - Rosu, Silver, Pasific albastru
 - Predictive text input
- Aplicatie de time management
- Voice command
LimbiEnglish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese


 Li-Ion 560 mAh baterie
Extended baterie, 900 mAh Li-Ion
StandbyPana la 200 h
Pana la 400 h
Timp convorbirePana la 2 h 45 min
Pana la 5 h

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01-12-2015 23:54 de Vitaly

The main stream media in the US is still using gov't. reaelsed figures (that are inaccurate) and spouting off helpful hints on finding work ("remember to sit up straight during interviews" chirps the *journalist*).Those of us here that are preparing are viewed as nutjobs or terrorist wanna-bes...although that view is changing a bit. Stories about storing food and having a vegetable garden in suburbia are starting to be seen, albeit slowly.Locally, I have noticed that the Master Gardener classes are filled within 48 hours of being announced. Firearms, for hunting and self defense are flying off the shelves.Shopping at thrift stores and consignment shops has become the "new chic". Clothes are referred to as *vintage*, not *used*.Maybe it is because I live in the oil region of Texas, which has a history of "boom or bust" economics, but everyone I know here is preparing, in one way or another, for the worsening economic times.Our economy here is still rattling along nicely. Still plenty of jobs to be had, if one is willing to work hard.But the consensus is that the situation will worsen and everyone better be ready.

02-12-2015 20:49 de Wellyton

I forgot to add, that for Polanyi, an "economy" is not the same as a "market" nor does it reiuqre a market, and that the situation we live in, namely, that social life is determined by the market, is in a sense anomalous historically.The importance of this cannot be stressed enough as the markets are being destroyed. But the economy needn't be. Nor social life. It will be a different kind of life, of course.In a sense, when the hippies used to talk about "unplugging oneself", they were on to something close to this.

04-12-2015 16:13 de Dika

Yes, my family and I will be going! We are sooo etecxid!! Also, (because I wasn't able to put this where it was supposed to go) I would love the book on the Vision Forum site by Victoria Botkin. Love her!!

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